Nextplora announces BMI – Brand & Media Intelligence solution available globally through a partnership with Cint

The insight agency adopts and integrates the Cint’s Connect solution and panels for cross-media campaign measurement.

Milan, January 2018Nextplora, the insight management company that provides knowledge to companies to achieve the best results with their investment in advertising and media, announces an agreement with Cint for the launch of BMI solution at an international level.

BMI – Brand & Media Intelligence is the solution for analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of cross-media campaigns that determines the specific contribution of each mean of the media plan to building brand, campaign awareness, and consumers’ buying intent, and also provides performance indicators of the digital plan, such as viewability and reach of the target group.
Actionable and timely information are consulted by companies through a dedicated dashboard, which allows them to evaluate and intervene on real-time investment decisions.
Thanks to the agreement with Cint, BMI is available for analyzing Italian and international campaigns in more than 80 countries and dispose of more than 40 million panelists that the agency can interview to determine the impact factors of the campaigns, and of which it is possible to trace via Cint’s Connect solution the viewability and reach on target group of the digital investments.

The solution integrates Cint’s KPIs into the Nextplora BMI dashboard, providing a comprehensive dashboard of all metrics useful to understand and maximize the effects of investment in advertising on classical and digital media.

We are proud that this agreement with the world’s leading MR panel and technology provider will increase the value of a solution that more than 30 companies have been able to appreciate in the past 3 years in Italy,” – says Andrea Giovenali, CEO of Nextplora – The quality of Cint’s panels and digital tracking technology allows us to meet the needs of assessing the campaigns’ effects of companies abroad and competing globally

Cint is delighted to formalize this partnership with Nextplora who are driving great innovation utilizing Cint’s global audience reach and real-time tracking capabilities.” – Says Greg Dunbar, EVP EMEA for Cint. – “As advertising becomes increasingly digital and automated, getting data driven insight, quickly and at scale, is critical. The combination of Nextplora solutions and Cint’s technology is truly exciting“.

The large number of Cint panelists in each country allows to detect the exposure and the effects even to companies that make small investments in digital campaigns.
Clear procedures and specifications for setting-up the measurement and the quality of the service provided by Nextplora allow media agencies to configure campaigns with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Nextplora is the insight management agency that provides the knowledge useful to achieve the best business results. Our clients develop and promote products more useful, more attractive brands, and more efficient services to improve people’s lives.
We make use of the most advanced methods to investigate the opinions and the behavior of the people, and to extract knowledge from the information that we collect and the existing data.
Our clients get results in less time to meet the time-to-market, understand the needs of people more efficiently, and use our information to take effective marketing actions.

Cint is the world’s #1 insight exchange and has technology that is transforming and accelerating how research companies gather insight. Cint’s exchange connects the buyers and sellers of market research sample in over 80 countries. Cint has over 2,000 panels in the exchange, powering a total global audience of over 40m consumers who are opted-in to take market research. Cint has market leading, self-service and automated digital tracking tools to match unknown online and mobile audiences with the consumers in Cint’s exchange, and to automate the process of buying research sample and running projects across thousands of panel sources.

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