To implement your marketing and communication means – the product, the package, the price, the advertising copy, the digital touch point etc. – and optimize them on the basis of reliable information, the Nextplora solution is:

An accurate implementation and determined on objective and reliable evidence is the secret of the success of your mareting actions.

Nextplora offers you an extensive set of solutions to test and optimize quickly your product and all its components, your messages and communication objects, and your digital touch point and social pages.

With "I3 – TEST" you can:

  • Verify the package of a product and its capabilities as a key element in market success either on the communication / image transferred and about the concrete implication of use.
  • Measure the price perception of the customer / consumer in order to concretely and effectively support positioning choices and a product / service pricing policies.
  • Analyze the evaluation of a product through a direct testing: evaluation of an existing product for improvement objectives, extension and diversification of the line, benchmark competitive products.
  • Determine the effectiveness of an advertisement before to be aired, to ensure a ROI for your investment in advertising.
  • Verify functionality and usability of a digital touch point (branded site, portal, e-commerce store, etc.) or a company social page.

Thanks to established methodologies and collection processes that make use of unique and proprietary solutions, you can count on the success of your marketing plan.

To find out how Nextplora can help you implement a reliable and quick analysis of your marketing and advertising means, contact us.