Cracking the code: Key drivers of Easter egg purchases in Italy

Easter is a time of celebration and indulgence, and for many Italians, that means enjoying one of the country’s favorite spring treats: Easter eggs. But what drives Italian consumers when it comes to choosing which eggs to buy? We at Nextplora recently conducted a study to answer that very question.

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Harnessing color psychology for brand success

As consumers, we are often drawn to certain brands based on their visual appearance. The colors used in a brand’s logo, website, packaging, and marketing materials can all have a significant impact on our perception of the brand. This is why color psychology plays such an important role in branding.

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Walking down memory lane with nostalgia marketing

In recent years, nostalgia marketing has become an increasingly popular trend among brands, with many companies leveraging nostalgia to create engaging and memorable advertising campaigns. The main benefit of nostalgia marketing is that it can be an effective way to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

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