From thrift stores to your fingertips: The future of second-hand clothing

Gone are the days of digging through dusty racks at flea markets and brick-and-mortar stores. The virtual world now offers endless opportunities for fashion enthusiasts to build a unique, sustainable wardrobe without breaking the bank. Are you ready to discover the game-changing trend that’s shaking up the fashion industry?

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Scoring big with sponsorships: Choosing the right sport for your brand

In this article, we will make a case for how brands who sponsor certain sports get different results on brand image attributes, awareness, and consideration based on the sport and team they decide to sponsor while also considering the competitive landscape in their industry. 

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De-influencing: A shift towards authenticity in the age of skepticism

In the past year or so, there has been a growing trend of “de-influencing”, a movement that challenges the traditional influencer model and pushes for more authenticity and transparency in advertising. The de-influencing trend has been driven by a number of factors…

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