We recommend methodologies to give value to smart data and demonstrate how it is possible to draw maps of meanings in the chaos of millions of information generated with increasing speed, creating visions oriented to the understanding and therefore to the future.


We try to understand people's motivations and vocations to offer correct answers. We create models that allow us to contextualize quantitative data to extract the quality of the relationship. The value of which is greater than the sum of the individual connected points.


We summarize the depth of what people express by creating structured data systems. The quality of what emerges from conversations takes on value through the amount of information collected in controlled environments.


We ask people questions. The Insight is what people tell. We qualify motivations, desires, values, opinions. We connect them to create knowledge.


We offer concrete and personalized answers to the needs of companies. Because the usefulness is not the same for everyone and we are equipped to interpret it with flexibility in the most different markets.


We generate evidence that affects marketing planning, because they are all measurable. They provide concrete outputs to directly use information, and to develop innovation.


We offer concreteness, recommendation of perspectives that indicate directions. Therefore the method is central, the use of tools set according to needs and objectives, and able to use objective parameters to determine conclusions based on reality.


We have the ambition to continuously improve our methods and tools, to propose innovative and actionable solutions. Exclusive methods and tools that follow the change, the result of research and development that never stop.