The solution to investigate the return of your advertising and media investments by testing the effects and results of marketing actions related to: the message, the digital, classic and unconvential media, the events, the digital touch points.

BMI, a blend of methodologies and technologies that measures with maximum reliability:

  • The effectiveness of digital and cross-media campaigns.
  • The effects of the media mix for the determination of investment thresholds.
  • The role that every mean plays in ¬†building of the brand image and the the recall of the campaign.

Thanks to the Nextplora partnership with Cint, BMI allows the analysis of Italian and international campaigns in more than 80 countries, uses the smart data provided by more than 40 million panelists, measures the effectiveness on the target group of digital investments.

Compared to traditional brand and communication tracking approaches, BMI integrates classic media and online media (web and mobile) into one ongoing measurement and monitoring system.

The advantages of BMI are:

  • High diagnostic capacity about the contribution of all digital means.
  • Timeliness in the availability of results.
  • Actionability of information to support decisions.
  • Distribution of information with a customized dash-board.
  • Quick and on-demand solution activation.