New positioning of the brand in the market of those brands that offer payment systems, whose evolution is constant and characterized by the advent of new players. To this aim, a new brand identity was launched via an innovative campaign capable to transfer the idea of a brand that is future-oriented and close to its clients, and a comprehension of emerging needs in order to get new segments of clients and improve the economical value of those already owned.


Through an Insight 3 approach, we investigated one population segment with respect to its relationship with money and the payment systems. Based on this investigation, a proper customers segmentation was conducted. A BMI approach tested the efficacy of the digital and press campaign. PeopleHub and SmartUp served to make information collected on both the customer base and our Idee&Opinioni panel actionable for the CVM processes.


  • The level of awareness reached by Nexi was beyond the original target. Key for this achievement was the understanding of the role played by each media in determing optimal outcomes.
  • We offered a new interpretative framework to understand customers’ dynamics. This led to the development of a competitive approach that was not present in the market yet.