• Carte D’Or, leader in the ice cream and desserts market, aimed to tackle the ‘premium’ customers segment by developing a range of products under its ‘Patisserie Range’. The goal was to increase the number of consumption occasions as well as the number of potential consumers.
  • Key to the success of the strategy was the understanding of the drivers, triggers and barriers for consumption within the complex market of cakes and desserts in Southern Europe


  • Through an online community of 80 consumers, our INSIGHT 3 approach allowed to explore and analyse the Complete Dessert category, understanding the logics that underly the relationship between products and occasions
  • A thorough and articulated picture of the category allowed to identify the best product and pack design guidelines. This step was crucial to tackle the market by selecting and optimizing a number of concepts


In 2017 Carte D’Or successfully completed its Patisserie roadmap updating the range with new logs, cakes and mono-portions