The Nextplora's solution to understand people's needs, their values ​​and market opportunities. The tool to identify innovation within a marketing planning process, for the development of brand and digital strategy.

INSIGHT 3 introduces for the first time the concept of "Quality of Quantity" giving a concrete answer to the need to measure and describe in a reliable and objective way the qualitative insights, which, taken directly from the voices and stories of people and customers, become actionable to support the change.

INSIGHT 3 is an exclusive and unique way of operating based on some fundamental advantages:

  • The amount of contributions deriving from the participation of a statistically significant number of people.
  • The quality of the relationship managed with experience of collaborative environments, through a set of engagement platforms (web, mobile, social) and with data in very different forms (discussions, questionnaires, behaviors).
  • The power of analysis capable of giving weight to areas of meaning and describing them with the profile of people, their values ​​and attitudes, the behavior of the category and attitudinal (web, social, media, etc.).

INSIGHT 3 provides timely and actionable responses to all the main needs that arise in the context of marketing planning:

  • Insight on people's needs.
  • U & A and segmentation of potential customers.
  • Innovation processes of products and services.
  • Repositioning the brand.
  • Brand stretching and brand extension.
  • New creative ways for communication.