The solution to increase the value and the loyalty of each of your customers and increase the ROI of automated digital campaigns.

SMART UP uses the profiles and consumption behavior of thousands of people belonging to the Nextplora panel Ideas & Opinions to enrich and integrate qualitatively, accurately and deeply the information already available in CRM systems and operating on the digital campaign management technology platforms.

SMART UP is aimed at:

  • A company, which can increase its customers' economic value (CVM) thanks to the segmentation and integration of proprietary information to its customer DB.
  • To an advertising investor, a media or sales agency operating in the automated digital advertising market, and intend to validate and enrich the behavioral and proprietary data they already have.

The information of the Nextplora panel Ideas & Opinions are:

  • updated periodically and subjected to the most stringent quality controls;
  • profiles on the socio-demographic and consumption variables of the main market and service categories;
  • extensible in a short time with ad hoc profiling;
  • integrable with highly scalable and compatible processes to any existing platform;
  • compliant with the EU and Italian Privacy regulations.