Our firm points are tools born from our experience and constant contact with people; from collaboration with highly professional partners who share our vision of the market and the future.

Proven and reliable bases, on which Nextplora builds its explorations in the world of data, nationally and internationally.

Nextplora adopts the panel IdeeOpinioni for the needs of its clients.

The panel of online respondants IdeeOpinioni has been developed since 2002 according to the most rigorous quality standards.

From 2019 Nextplora has entrusted Nextpersonas to manage it, in order to ensure further growth of this important resource and develop new opportunities for our customers in the area of data driven marketing services.

To extend the response to customer needs and the potential of our solutions abroad, Nextplora has entered into a partnership with CINT, the world's largest technology services company and insight collection panel. Thanks to CINT and the complete integration of our data collection and solutions processes, we are able to offer answers to the needs of companies in 80 countries, with efficiency and reliability.