For your aim of understanding the needs of people, their values, the market opportunities and the paths of innovation in your marketing planning, the development of digital strategy or brand, the solution is Nextplora:

Today, companies can improve their marketing planning through the direct egagement of customers and measurable and actionable insight.

I3 for the first time introduces the concept of "Quality of Quantity" giving a concrete answer to the necessity to reliably measure and objectively describe a qualitative insight.

An exclusive and unique mode of operation based on a few key benefits:

  • The amount of the contributions derived from the participation of a statistically significant number of people.
  • The quality of the relationship managed with experience in collaborative environments, through a set of engagement platforms (web, mobile, social) and data in very different forms (discussions, questionnaires, behavior).
  • The analytical power able to assign a weight to areas of meaning and to describe the profile of the people, their values and attitudes, the behaviors in the category and those attitudinal (web, social, media, etc.).

I3 of Nextplora is useful for success in business, because marketing decisions for the exploration and the development of new ways of product and service development can count for the first time on objective and measurable elements.

It provides timely and actionable answers to all the major needs that arise in the context of the marketing planning:

Insight about the needs of people.

  • U & A and segmentation of potential customers.
  • Innovation process of products and services.
  • Repositioning of the brand.
  • Brand stretching and brand extension.
  • New creative paths for communication.

To find out how Nextplora can help you quantify and qualify the insight of your customers and help you in a reliable and successful marketing planning, contact us.