With our studies and information, our clients can:

More knowledge at each stage about the potential of creativity and contribution of the media

More precision in defining the mix between classic and digital media in line with objectives and target groups

More depth in designing, implementing and evaluating strategies and actions for the brand

We aim to generate the best business results for our clients, because we have the “end in mind” from the start through the entire project.
During each stage of analysis – from the earliest design of a brand through the assessment of an advertising campaign – we provide solid information that clients can rely on to lead their advertising and media spending to maximize the best returns.
We call this process “brand and media intelligence”, and it’s purpose and results are clear for all of our loyal and satisfied 160 clients, whom we have been supporting globally for over 20 years in dozens of consumer goods and services categories.

We know how important it is to master the growing complexity of the media landscape, changes in consumer behavior, and the many variables that go into creating and executing a successful advertising campaign. The best way to do it requires accurate, valuable information in every step of the brand development and media planning process, as well as while the advertising campaign is under way.
That is our mission. It is embedded in the value of each of our solutions and in more than 6,500 advertising and media studies that we have implemented through the years. We always go “beyond numbers”.

Our clients acknowledged a high rate of satisfaction in 2021. They evaluated the information we provided as “very useful”. They are loyal to us, and willing to recommend Nextplora to others.

Overall satisfaction

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Our team enjoys a high level of trust, cohesion and mutual understanding. We’re committed to always being innovative, bold, ready for a challenge, and even… a little crazy.
Our ambition is to provide our clients with indispensable services every day to help create brands that are useful in improving people’s lives.
These are the values of the talented young team of researchers and consultants at Nextplora.
If you recognize your own values and you would like to join us, your fresh ideas and energy, please send your application here: job@nextplora.com

We only work with trusted partners who share our vision of the market and the future, and with whom we provide our clients with global coverage and the ability to collect data in all contexts and ways.
We have integrated the best global technology providers into our data collection and management process.
For more than 20 years, Nextplora has been managing IdeeOpinioni a proprietary online panel of respondents, which allows us to integrate all types of information concerning customer profiles, shopping behavior, and exposure to advertising and media in a powerful single source. We have also implemented this system with trusted panel providers globally.
We are certified with Assirm, and we are compliant with Esomar guidelines.