Brand and Media Intelligence means generating useful knowledge for our clients, always keeping “the end in mind” about their sales outcomes, and always going “beyond numbers” to help them to take the best decisions.

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Brand tracking

Learn how your brand performs on all KPIs over time, in different target groups, and compared to the competition. At Nextplora, we have accumulated solid experience in structured brand tracking through more than 20 years, for hundreds of primary brands, with solid benchmarks and standards for dozens of categories, and across all countries.

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Determine the return on investment of your crossmedia campaigns regarding the contributions of classic, digital and social media to your KPIs and target groups. We have been perfecting the most reliable and extensive methodology to assign the role of each medium to the KPIs, and to overcome “walled garden” restrictions since the advent of media proliferation and fragmentation.

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Post test

Check the strength of your creative strategy and execution when they are in-market and compare them with those of your competitors.
We at Nextplora have developed the most extensive and complete methodology to cover all aspects and applied it to hundreds of campaigns.

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BMI Vista

Master the results and all KPIs of your campaigns with the most comprehensive, detailed, and customizable dashboard.
We have developed the software solution that allows you to analyze the most pivotal information about your activity.

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Media + brand effect

Get the maximum value out of your crossmedia and addressable TV and OTT campaigns with the most reliable media plan evaluation and brand lift KPIs.
Nextplora and Fluzo have designed a combined solution that makes it possible to understand the reach, overlap and frequencies of all media included in your plan.

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Call back

Evaluate how the launch of your new brand and reference performed among consumers regarding type of consumption and use, level of acceptance, liking and satisfaction, touchpoints, attributes conveyed and loyalty/advocacy, and then compare that to your previous launches and your competitors’ launches.

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Get accurate forecasts on the progress of your sales and learn about the most effective media investment distribution for the near future, with the help of AI applied to the marketing mix modelling.

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Shopper scan

Determine the return on your investment in terms of consumer purchases, behavior and loyalty by connecting the exposure to your advertising campaign and media plan with a household panel ready to provide the “when, what and how” of their shopping habits.

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Design and develop your brand and advertising plan to validate your assumptions and implement it with the voice of consumers.
At Nextplora, we have helped big brands take off. We have tested hundreds of campaigns in the earliest stages of development to finalize them and then make them happen.

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