Cookies policy

This statement explains in detail how Nextplora employs cookies.
In case you decide to visit our websites and your browser accept cookie settings, it is to be considered accepted the use of our cookies.

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small files sent and stored on your computer by the websites you visit. Cookies are stored in the file directory of your browser. The next time you visit the site, your browser will read the cookie and retransmit the information to the website or to the entity that originally created the cookie. To learn more about these technologies and on how they work, visit, for example, the website.

Why does Nextplora use cookies?

Nextplora uses cookies to offer you a more functional experience and to guarantee the provision of its services.
In particular, we employ them to guarantee:

  • Basic functions » These cookies are essential for the functioning of our websites and are the key to ensuring a hassle-free experience and guaranteeing access to all our services.
  • Improvement » These cookies allow us to improve our websites by observing how they are used.
  • Customization» These cookies help to make the offered content on our websites as personalized as possible, for example by allowing you to access in contexts you are particularly interested in.

Our sites may also include entities that create cookies on behalf of third parties, for example a “Like” button on Facebook or “Tweet” on Twitter.


How can I manage cookies?

It is possible to manage cookies using the Tools or Options menus in your browser. You can also consult the browser’s Help menu.

Nextplora also uses cookies managed by third parties.

You can decide to opt out of these cookies through the third-party cookie management sites. The third-party cookies used by Nextplora are: Google Analytics and ShareThis.
By disabling cookies, some parts of Nextplora websites may not be used. If you delete your browser cookies, you may need to remember to reinstall cookies for which you have opted out.


How long does Nextplora store your information?

It depends on the types of cookies. Session cookies expire when you close the browser. Persistent cookies have typical expiration dates ranging from two months to a couple of years.