Determine the return on investment of your crossmedia campaigns regarding the contributions of classic, digital and social media to your KPIs and target groups.

We have been perfecting the most reliable and extensive methodology to assign the role of each medium to the KPIs and overcome “walled garden” restrictions since the advent of media proliferation and fragmentation.

Crossmedia helps you understand:

  • how different media perform, alone or combined, to help you achieve your goals
  • Exactly which KPIs they impact to add value
  • Which brand image profile they build, thanks their features, creativities and formats
  • Which target group they impact more effectively
  • What main contribution they provide to brand sales.

With this information, you can set your ideal investment threshold for each medium to maximize your results, campaign after campaign.

We support our customers in assessing the goals achieved during actionable meetings to identify the strong points of each activity and decide how to concretely improve media planning and advertising activities.

Master the results and all KPIs of your campaigns with the most comprehensive, detailed, and customizable dashboard.
We have developed the software solution that allows you to analyze the most pivotal information about your activity. Updated weekly, this software allows you to drill down and share important information with everyone in your organization.
BMI Vista integrates the information of your Brand Tracking, Crossmedia and Post-Test analysis into one convenient tool that allows you to get an up-to-date picture of the outcome of your advertising investment and improve execution day by day.
BMI Vista is fully customizable. It helps you keep all your valuable information in one place; integrate it with other data (i.e. media spending, sales trends); analyze performance by a given period of time, target group, or competitor; and much more. BMI Vista helps you maximize the return on your advertising investment.

Call back

Evaluate how the launch of your new brand and reference performed among consumers regarding type of consumption and use, level of acceptance, liking and satisfaction, touchpoints, attributes conveyed and loyalty/advocacy, and then compare that to your previous launches and your competitors’ launches.

We have developed an exclusive proprietary methodology, and for years, we have applied it to one of the largest CPG brands in the world. Our aims were to assess the success of a new market launch and learn how to improve from one launch to the next, with a solid collection of standards. We also wanted to explain sales outcomes and understand what worked and what didn’t from the consumer’s perspective and experience.

With “Call Back”, consumers of the launched brand are recruited, the actual use and presence of the product in-home is verified, and valuable information about the use and attitude towards the brand are collected. We learn what drove the consumers to buy it, and they are prompted to express the image attributes that were induced with the use of it.

Launch analysis is led by comparing performance to common cross-category scales, to which we integrate custom lists of image attributes. All results are available, compared and shareable by the marketing organization through a dashboard that provides benchmarks and standards.

Shopper scan

Determine the return on your investment in terms of consumer purchases, behavior and loyalty by connecting the exposure to your advertising campaign and media plan with a household panel ready to provide the “when, what and how” of their shopping habits.
We have developed our own distinctive solution that allows us to prove the actual presence of your brand in-home before, during and after the advertising campaign. Participants in the shopper panel are selected based on your target group definition. They scan the product and provide other information about it, such as pictures and video, uploading them with a smartphone app, and then they participate in surveys about product use and their attitude towards your brand post-purchase.

With solid samples of brand users and in combination with Brand Tracking, Cross Media, and Post-Test, Shopper Scan helps you to:

  • Validate the contribution of the advertising and media campaign to overall sales.
  • Define actions for maximizing results by fine tuning the positioning, creativities and media mix.
  • Introduce your marketing organization to KPIs that measure aspects of the advertising strategy and media planning execution.