The start of September brings with it a unique sense of renewal for many Italians, akin to the rejuvenation felt at the beginning of a new year. After the blissful respite of summer holidays, Italians are ready to set their sights on new goals and resolutions. To better understand this phenomenon, we conducted a comprehensive study, delving into the aspirations of Italians for the months and year ahead. In this article, we present our findings, shedding light on the most popular resolutions, the strategies Italians plan to adopt, and even the brands that inspire them. 


The September Resolutions 

Our research reveals that Italians are eager to make positive changes in various aspects of their lives. The top five resolutions include: 

  • Getting in Shape (53%): A commitment to fitness and well-being. 
  • Improving Financial Situation (38%): A quest for financial stability. 
  • Traveling and Discovering New Places (35%): A desire for exploration. 
  • Improving Health and Well-being (35%): Prioritizing mental and physical health. 
  • Meeting New People and Making New Friends (32%): A pursuit of social connections. 



Getting in Shape 

The most popular resolution among Italians is “Getting in Shape.” A staggering 53% of respondents expressed their commitment to this goal. However, when we examined how they intend to achieve this objective, some interesting trends emerged. 

  • Outdoor Activities (62%): Most Italians plan to start with outdoor activities like walking, running, and cycling.
  • Improving Eating Habits (60%): A majority also emphasized improving their food choices and habits. 
  • Starting a Diet (43%): While a substantial number expressed their intent to adopt a proper diet, it was still a less popular choice compared to the Top2. 
  • Gym Membership (27%): Fewer individuals were willing to commit to joining a gym. 



Taking a closer look at dietary preferences by age groups, we found intriguing variations: 

  • 18-34 y/o: This younger age group leaned towards the Keto diet and were less inclined towards vegetarianism, portion control, and intermittent fasting. 
  • 35-54 y/o: They exhibited a more favorable attitude towards vegetarianism, intermittent fasting, and macro-focused diets.
  • Over 55 y/o: The older generation showed a preference for traditional approaches to healthy eating like portion control and calorie intake control. 



When it comes to prioritizing specific foods for their fitness journey, Italians had varied preferences: 

  1. Low-fat Foods (49%): A top choice for many Italians. 
  2. Sugar-free Foods (48%): Emphasizing reduced sugar intake. 
  3. Seasonal Foods (45%): Embracing fresh, locally sourced produce. 



Remarkably, the younger generation (18-35 y/o) showed a preference for gluten-free foods, while those aged 35-54 preferred high-protein foods, “light” options, plant-based alternatives, and “bio” products. The over 55 group leaned towards low-sodium options, plant-based milk alternatives, and “bio” foods. 

Lastly, we explored the brands Italians associate with their goal of getting in shape, with results visualized in the accompanying graph. 


Improving My Financial Situation 

The second most common resolution among Italians is “Improving My Financial Situation,” with 38% of respondents committed to this objective. We delved deep into their strategies to achieve this goal: 

  • Careful Spending (48%): Italians plan to scrutinize commodity prices to save. 
  • Monthly Savings (46%): Nearly half intend to save a portion of their salary each month.
  • Resisting Impulse Buying (45%): Curbing unnecessary spending. 
  • Optimizing Bills (40%): This includes efforts to reduce electricity and water bills. 
  • Eating Out Less (31%): While significant, fewer Italians intend to dine out less.
  • Using Public Transport (26%): A smaller percentage plan to use public transport, despite rising fuel costs. 



Similar to the fitness resolution, we also investigated the brands Italians associate with their aspirations for financial stability, with results presented in a graph below. 


In September, Italians embark on a journey of self-improvement and renewal, with aspirations ranging from health and fitness to financial stability. Our research reveals not only the most popular resolutions but also the strategies Italians plan to adopt to achieve them. As we navigate these resolutions, it’s evident that Italians are embracing a diverse range of approaches, reflecting their unique preferences and priorities. The associations with specific brands also provide valuable insights into the role of branding in shaping personal goals. As September already comes to an end, it is clear that Italians are seizing the opportunity for a fresh start, setting the stage for a year of positive change and growth.