The solution allows you to analyze the impact of campaigns by objectively and implicitly detecting consumer exposure to companies’ audio-visual advertisements.

Milan, 16 September 2021 – Nextplora, the Insight & Data Management agency active since 2010 with the analysis solution of the effects of Brand & Media Intelligence advertising campaigns, strengthens with Sound On its leadership in the depth and precision of knowledge for companies.

Sound On is a new feature of the solution that allows you to determine the impact generated by campaigns that have an audio / video format on TV, digital, and radio, thanks to the detection of exposure to messages from thousands of consumers.

For this purpose Nextplora has developed the new Spot Radar mobile app, used by members of its IdeeOpinioni panel, which will allow you to detect the ambient audio and check in real time with an AI algorithm if it is the analyzed message (audio-matching). Exposed consumers will be interviewed during the campaign to verify the impact that the message has produced, even with respect to those who have not been exposed.

The Spot Radar app integrates and launches in an exclusive partnership the fingerprint solution developed by Fluzo Technologies for the automatic recognition of audio content.

With this solution, companies that invest in advertising will have access to increasingly in-depth and precise information on the contribution that each media produces on the results of the campaign, and the impact of the message on brand memory and advertising.

“While companies compete for the visibility and impact of their messages with consumers, many of the investments in recent years have been used for” inaudible “campaigns – commented Andrea Giovenali, CEO of Nextplora – Sound On is the state solution- of-the-art that allows you to better understand the contexts in which the messages produce useful results “.

BMI Sound On will be presented in a live-streaming event at 17:00 today, which will be attended by leading companies and operators such as AlfaSigma, Bauli, Haier, MediaPlus and Serviceplan, to give their point of view and experience on the value of advertising and of the media. The solution will be available starting October 1st, and the results will be integrated and distributed with BMI’s interactive and personalized dashboard.