Nextplora expands its services to address brand and media intelligence needs with a new website and its sponsorship of the UPA Branding Evolution conference on Sept. 28, 2022.


Milan, Sept. 21, 2022 – Over the past 12 years, Nexplora has conducted more than 6,500 studies for over 160 clients, making it account for over 92% of its business. Finally, Nextplora announces the consolidation of its position as a provider of ROI analysis for brands, advertising, and media for Italian and international companies.


Nextplora complements its services with new analytics and consulting solutions, to answer the questions of its clients on the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

It does so with a new international website and value proposition, thanks to experiences on the needs of Italian companies abroad, which are worth 35% of its revenues.


Cross-Media analysis, Brand Tracking and Post-Test, can now also be consulted with BMI Vista, the dashboard that allows you to analyze the results of your campaigns intuitively and interactively. Thanks to the multiple studies conducted over the years, benchmarks in several countries, sectors, targets and media are also available.


Brand design, implementation, and marketing and advertising pre-testing are provided by Insight3, the methodology suite that extracts knowledge directly from the voice of consumers.


Beginning this fall, Nextplora complements these solutions with:

  • Call Back, a methodology for determining post-launch brand results.
  • Shopper Scan, to connect the effects of a campaign to household consumption of the product.
  • Modelling, to make accurate sales forecasts based on media investment choices.


Lastly, Nextplora introduces Media+Brand Effect, for quick and affordable media post-audit and brand lift of cross-media campaigns including digital, social, and connected TV. The solution uses SoundON methodology in collaboration with Fluzo, which enables detection of exposure to advertising from its Idee&Opinioni panel with audio-matching and the use of AI.


“We pioneered this activity in Italy, and for more than a decade we have been working alongside brands that value us as a reliable, beneficial and affordable partner to improve the return on their investments,” says Andrea Giovenali, CEO and founder of Nextplora. “We are truly committed to helping them achieve their goals, and we always operate with the ‘end in mind’ with insights that always go beyond the numbers.”


On September 28, Nextplora will be sponsoring the second edition of the Branding Evolution conference hosted by UPA and Politecnico di Milano, with a talk titled:

“Building the brand between cross-media, second-screen, addressable, ad-skipping and sound-off: the Haier case.”

Case studies and evidence on the best branding results of advertising in cross-media and digital contexts will be featured.


About Nextplora

Nextplora helps companies improve the return on advertising and media investments at every stage of brand development.

From brand design to the audit of post-launch results, through the contribution of advertising campaigns and media used, and to sales forecasts based on investment thresholds, Nextplora has been a leader in brand and media intelligence for more than 20 years, has more than 6,500 cross-media and brand effectiveness studies under its belt, and collaborates with 160 brand companies in Italy and abroad. Clients expressed a satisfaction rating of 8.7 in 2021 for Nextplora’s work and rated the information they received as “very useful” in supporting their decisions.

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